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Myself and others have placed markings around the world. Go out and find them, translate them, or place more of your own. Learn more about the app here.

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An Ongoing Spiritual Experiment

The markings you are about to discover are symptoms of my schizophrenia; auditory and visual hallucinations from a severe mental illness. While my symptoms of paranoia and delusion skewed my reality, I found comfort in the markings. They helped me see through the deceptions created by my illness.

The markings began to show me that just as my illness had shaped my reality for so many years, I too can shape my reality. Except this time, I can shape it for the better. I became not only a high functioning schizophrenic, but a high functioning person; motivated, accomplished, and healthy.

Every week, I update my blog with descriptions of how I use the markings in my life. And soon, I will be releasing a video every week introducing a new marking that I've translated. My newsletter keeps you posted with all of these things.

Add the markings to your style

This is a project where I can be my true self without restraint. The more I work on it, the healthier and happier I become. I hope to share in that health and happiness by creating things that will add value and a stronger sense of identity in myself, and hopefully, in others, too.

These markings make for great gifts, conversation starters, and mysterious statement pieces. Wear them, carry them, make your house a home with them.