Curious Markings Vol. 1
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First-hand accounts of a schizophrenic artist

Schizophrenic artist and writer, Ian McKenzie, is bravely standing up to the stigma around mental illness, specifically schizophrenia; creating art, poetry, and writings based on his first-hand accounts of his experiences with schizophrenia.

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Additional info: 115 pages, ~9000 words, coffee table style, non-fiction

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Sharing to reveal insights into the mind of a schizophrenic

Ian has seen first-hand how his illness has distressed his family, putting them in a place of confusion and unknowing. He wrote this book to act as a portal to his mind. While his experience with schizophrenia is by no means universal, many parallels can be drawn.

Ian wrote Curious Markings Vol. 1 as a tool for his friends and family to conceptually understand how a schizophrenic mind can operate.

Ian is on a quest to end stigma

People keep saying I'm "brave" by doing this, but for me, it's more of an act of rebellion. It's a fun little game I play where I disclose my illness, followed by shattering people's traditional expectations of what that means. I invite you to buy this book and join me in my rebellion. Once you buy, you have unlimited downloads. Send it to everyone you know for free. Shatter expectations.


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You are not alone in struggling to understand schizophrenia.

We are publishing to build understanding. Curious Markings Vol. 1 was written to guide you away from:

  • Unknowningly perpetuating schizophrenia/mental illness stigma
  • Acting harshly toward tose you don't understand
  • Making the wrong assumptions about people with schizophrenia/mental illness

We are here to build a bridge between people and understanding of schizophrenia, seeing inside the mind of a schizophrenic, and empathy for those who suffer from mental illness.