Disclaimer: Fact vs. Fiction

As a schizophrenic person, every day is a constant struggle identifying what is real and what isn't. The lines are often blurred, and it takes a lot of effort for me to make these determinations. At the same time, things that I've identified as not being real often make for good fiction.

As part of the Curious Markings project, I have decided to embrace this fiction and share it as fact. That by no means make these communications fact, rather it serves to make the world around myself a little more mysterious, wondrous, and mystical. It's a harmless way to make my world, and hopefully yours, a little more fun and imaginative.

If you have a friend, acquiantance, family member, or anyone trying to tell you that what I am saying is fact, please direct them to this page. If they still believe what I say is true, that is well within their right, but be a scientist about it. Find papers that support the claims, or perform legitimate research that can support the claims!