Frequently Asked Questions

What currency are this website’s prices in?

All prices on are in United States Dollars (USD). This is because we source our T-shirts and printing services from California and North Carolina. We have plans set in place to contract our production in Canada once we reach a volume appropriate to justify investing in the infrastructure.

I made an order but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Where is it?

Occasionally, the email might take up to 24 hours to send. Another possibility is that your confirmation was sent to your spam folder – try checking there. Additionally, adding [email protected] to your contacts will ensure you receive all future emails.

I’d like a piece posted on your Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr feed. How do I get it?

Send an email to [email protected] and I’ll make sure that happens. In the email, tell me the marking, poem, or other words you like and what product you would like it on.

I’d like your hand-made prints sent with products purchased on Is that possible?

Unfortunately, no. The hand-made prints are produced and shipped entirely by me, whereas the products on are fulfilled by facilities in the United States and Europe.



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