How to utilize the markings

At the infant stages of creating these curious markings, I had created and translated this marking; 'Warning.'

A white marking titled 'Warning'

A few nights later, I was walking through a secluded area at night. A shadowy figure approached me. Was he walking the opposite way, or was he walking towards me? Was he going to hurt me? I wasn't sure, but I felt unsafe.

In my mind, I imprinted the 'Warning' marking at the forefront of my consciousness. The figure approached within a couple of feet of me, and continued past me. Did the marking fend him off? Perhaps he was never a threat in the first place.

One thing that was very real, regardless of the circumstances, is that imprinting that marking to my consciousness made me feel safe. In that moment, none could do harm to me, and those that did would face grave consequences. If there was never any threat, the marking reinforced that fact by making me realize that.

To some, this means the markings only hold power in my mind. But if my mind can change my perceptions of the encounters I face, is that not still power? Try it for yourself, and perhaps you can confirm or deny this.

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