Ladies' short sleeve t-shirt (Judgment)


This women’s T-shirt bears the Judgment marking, a piece of schizophrenia art by me! Ian McKenzie. Others can receive judgment, but it can also be cast upon to ourselves and make us feel as though we are children being scolded by a parent or some authority.

These potential repercussions can create a great disturbance to us, particularly in cases where we are being judged for acting in a way that meets our needs (or someone we care for). This wearing on our consciousness can grow to compel u to act against our self-interests leading to an overall discontentment with our lives.

By utilizing the Judgment marking, I can, for example, dance like a lunatic on the dance floor without feeling like I’m doing something wrong or being a nuisance. We all dance differently, and my way of dancing is odd (think Mr. Bean). Utilizing Judgment puts me at peace with that, and frees me from self-ridicule, and self-imposed restraint.

A super-soft, form-fitting, breathable t-shirt with a slightly lower neckline than a classic t-shirt. The schizophrenia art on this women’s T-shirt is titled “Anxiety”.

Learn more about the Judgment marking here.

• Tri-blend construction (50% polyester/25% cotton/25% rayon)
• 40 singles thread weight
• Ribbed crewneck with set-in sleeves
• Form fitting



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