Use the ravages of mental illness against itself!

100% owned and operated by schizophrenic people

We are a group of schizophrenics creating art from our symptoms to raise money and awareness for mental illness (and make a dignified living in the process). We sell super comfy soft apparel with our art on it that's going to get you a ton of compliments.

Mockup 1

Make a difference in the battle against mental illness and schizophrenia

...and do it in style. People shouldn't have their lives destroyed by mental illness. Let's turn this fight around. We've worked tirelessly to create a project that use the very symptoms that hold us back to find greater meaning.

We know first-hand the battle against severe mental illness

We live it every day. Curious Markings is 100% owned and operated by schizophrenic people. Supporting this project is as easy as 1-2-3-4:

  1. Buy our awesome designs
  2. Look amazing and raise awareness at the same time
  3. 10%+ of Curious Marking's profits go toward causes with the intention eliminating mental illness
  4. Everything else goes towards funding/growing this project and the schizophrenic people that run it
Mockup 2

Don't let mental illness win!

Without your help, schizophrenia will continue to:

  • Ruin more lives
  • Continue to be a medical mystery
  • Continue to create unnecessary stigma

We've created a project that will make you look great, support mental illness research, raise awareness in an interesting way, and support schizophrenic people trying to make a dignified and meaningful living.