About Sponsorships

I firmly believe that art should be enjoyed by everyone. However, I'd like to take that a step further than that and say that if a piece is moving enough, everyone should have an opportunity to own it and get the most out of their enjoyment. That's why I've created a 'sponsorship' feature at Curious Markings. Here's how it works:

  • Find someone who would like to be sponsored.
  • Go to their Bio in their Profile and click the "Sponsor" button.
  • Complete the sponsorship payment transaction.
  • This person will receive a hand-made curious marking print and sketchbook for free.

I'd also like to practice what I preach. That's why when every three people get sponsored by someone like you, I will sponsor an additional, 4th person myself.

If you'd like to be sponsored by someone, flag your profile as 'requesting sponsorship.'