A Snapshot of Your Identity in Schizophrenic Language

A Hallucination of Your Soul

We are shaman-types revealing universal truths about your identity. Sounds crazy? It probably is, but we are embracing the insanity and making something positive out of it. We think you'll be surprised by the results.

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Matt marking
Trevor marking

We are tapping infinite knowledge and wisdom through our seemingly supernatural ability.

We listen to the voices, we record our hallucinations, we pay attention to the sensations in our nervous system. We do this while focusing on your soul. From that, we provide unbiased, unselfish, unfiltered guidance by translating the things we perceive into English words.

The universe wants to help you. We channel its message. We do this from a place of love. Learn more about what Curious Markings does with our profits.

We know what it's like to walk without a clear path. As schizophrenics, our struggle is amplified.

Our #1 imperative is love and altruism. We do not wish to exploit you for money. We will not put a curse on you. Our divinations are guidance, use them to assist your decision making and understanding of the universe's plan for you.

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You are not alone in your human struggle.

We want to make a living providing meaningful help. We want to guide you away from:

  • Continuing making decisions without unbiased help
  • Continuing to have your decisions swayed by influences that may not have your best interests at heart
  • Continuing ignoring things the universe is trying to tell you

Our divinations are here to provide unbiased guidance using our extrasensory gift. Supporting this project helps light your path. As an added bonus, it employs schizophrenic people and provides support for projects/charities that promote mental health.