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A typographically embellished image making fonts look inaccessible and mysterious to dazzle you into thinking we're good at this stuff.


With collaboration from the immeasurably talented Brittany King , we put together a typographic system that not only speaks so much to who I am as a person, but creates a logical system in which I can not only engage better with my work, but with my play as well.

A few notes about accessibility

Grenze Gotisch

Over-usage of Grenze Gotisch is discouraged, especially when used in all caps. Like buttons, Grenze Gotisch stands out and adds flair. However, that standing out is highly functional in its attention-grabbing. When we are grabbing attention, we must be measured with usage and sparse in implementation. This is not just a respectful thing to do, but more accessible.


— Please, don't do this.

Raleway vs. Monospace: Numbers

Unfortunately, Raleway's implementation of numbers leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to transactional communication. It has a great flair while still being readable, but the numbers fall short when it matters most.


— Please, don't do this.


— Please, do this instead.

Raleway vs. Monospace: Critical Information

Additionally, there may be other scenarios where Monospace is preferred. Using technology is frustrating. When frustrated, sometimes taking information in is more difficult. To reduce any potential friction, Monospace may be preferred, such as when performing monotonous tasks like finding a date during a tedious session of research.

Published: 11/26/2024
Edited: 11/29/2024

— Please, don't do this.

Published: 11/26/2024
Edited: 11/29/2024

— Please, do this instead.

Project Wordmarks

Project wordmarks at their core give me the ability to 'make a thing' without having to overburden myself with creating a unique brand identity for every single product, project, or thing I do. This was a lesson from many past projects like Stridr , Curious Markings , Objektiv Digital , Enderbook , and so on.

As a whole

  • Two combined words. One to two syllables per word is ideal, three or more is pushing it.
  • The first word is always lowercased. The second word is always capitalized.
  • Ensure the baseline and x-height of the fonts line up with each other. This means sizing up Grenze Gotisch a little, or sizing down Raleway.
  • Eyeballing things is fine in most cases, perfection for the sake of perfection is a fool's errand.

Try it out!

Click the left side to edit the sans-serif side, click on the right to edit the blackletter side.


Using typography to communicate intention behind the usage of its words.


Alliteration encouraged.


Clear, concise, descriptive words encouraged.


Emphasis on syllable minimization for complex products.


Rhyming encouraged.


Alliteration encouraged for business-oriented projects, too!

Typography in General

Let loose,go wild, be free with it! I want to say the development of design surrounding typographic structure is still in development stages, and maybe it always will be.

Outside of what is outlined above, I refuse to be too rigid. Partly because it can be annoying to remember and adhere to all sorts of rules. But, mostly, because my life has always encountered oppression from being 'an exception to the rule,' I do not want to impose that on myself with my own creativity.

I cannot stress this enough. These paragraphs are heavily intended to affirm an overwhelmed, over-stressed future me. I will not burden myself with "design perfection" until my work can measurably prove that there would be a significant financial return on investment for putting in such lengths of effort.

...but what about links??

When in doubt, underlined russett-500.

External link or opens in a new tab? Add a fontawesome icon indicating as much!

In general, the usual system is...

  • Grenze Gotisch as primary headings.
  • In my opinion, The blacker, the better.
  • Raleway as body copy and subheadings to break up the blackletter-heading monotony.
  • With Raleway subheadings, why not try:
    bold caps w/ increased tracking!